Is anyone using a baby monitor to hear their parent while they sleep in the other room?

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Yes we use a baby monitor, so we can hear if dad is coughing during the night, or if he needs something he can yell for someone to help him. He has COPD and is on oxygen 24/7 and when he starts coughing its usually because he has knocked off his air. Also we have put a wireless door bell button on the night stand next to my fathers bed and keep the ringer with us at night, if he needs to get up to go to the bathroom he pushes the button first, so we can assist him. They also make a step on pad, if the person steps on it it will sound an alarm to let you know they are getting up.
my mother & her sisters used a baby monitor on my grandmother when she was in her last stages of Alzheimer's. My Aunt, who lived right next door also installed a monitor system in her home. They kept my grandmother in her own home, taking her out of it proved it only made her mind worse. They took turns spending the night & hired a companion for day hours. It's sad to say, but me & my sisters are about to embark on the same thing, only now it's our mother. Good luck & God bless.
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I have used a baby monitor for a long time and it works pretty well. the first one's rechargable battery only lasted 1/2 hour what a pain. The one I have now works alot better but it only works one way. she can call me but i cant call her. Another problem is she uses an oxygen concentrator and it took a while to get used to that constant noise. The concentrator she has now has a good rythem. Her last one did not have the same tempo so i was always waking up when it went off. The monitor we use now is a safety first one. The range is 400 feet and i know that it works outside. We tried to use a button that she would push and it would make a noise and call 4 phones but she wouldnt wear it on her neck. That was alot easier and more private but -- oh Well. That one also was easier because it was with her at all times. The monitor is good if she is in one room but not so good if she is mobile.
I have tried baby monitors with little success too much back ground noise What I have found that works pretty good are cordless door bells I have one taped to both my dads and my husbands side rails on their hospital beds and on dads wheelchair also my small dog has a sixth sense when something is wrong and lets me know good luck and God bless you
At the very end for my dad the door bells didnt work because he forgot how to use them. He was pretty much blind when he died and he had dementia so learning and retaining anything was hard. He sure knew how to yell at the end though. He did not know anyones name but he remembered the word help. You are right about the background noise being a problem. You could not watch tv unless you watched the same channel, turned off the sound and listened through their monitor. I dont know about you but each of our tvs is off a little bit. In one case i could watch jeapordy in one room upstairs and ask the question in the room downstairs. It drove my brother crazy until he figured out what i was doing. Sometimes you have to take your chuckles where you can get them I guess. I kind of love to bug my brother.
Yes, Iam and have been for about a year. It works good the only problem I have with the one I have is it makes a sheeeeeeeeeee sound when I turn it up so I can here her. This keeps me awake. Another model may not do that this one was used my by grandson and my daughter gave it to me.
i use a baby monitors and it works great. You have to have a good one though. mom calls for me at night and when she needs me after naps during the day. It's been a lifesaver. I need another one for when she is sitting throughout the the house so I don't have to keep moving the base unit.
Nana, the world's first truly unobtrusive sleep and vitals monitor for your little ones. It sounds like a really interesting product if you are parents that are into monitoring your child's sleep patterns, heart rate and movement.

According to doctors, better sleep leads to better child development and better cognitive scores. I guess by being able to monitor your child's sleep patterns, you could give your child better opportunities in terms of development.

Another interesting point is that it has real time alerts on the smartphone to keep the whole circle of care givers up to date on what is happening to the baby when he is in the cot.
Yes, we've been using a baby monitor for over 2 years & also a baby cam, it works out mostly ok. I like the fact I can also communicate with h & tell him to go back to sleep.
I care for my elderly mom and we live in a very old home that has two stories. My room is upstairs and I have a hard time always hearing mom when she is up during the night. Does anyone know where I can get one of those floor pads that she can step on to alert me if there is a problem?

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