What can I use so that my Grandma can always get a hold of me?

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My mom and I use a walkie-talkie set when I take the garbare out, the dog out, do the laundry downstairs. or have to get something out of the car. I bought my 88-year-old uncle a pre-paid cell phone with a digital clock on the outside of it; HE LOVES IT. i have all my phone numbers pre-programmed into it, so he just has to press ONE buttom to get ahold of me. He absolutely loves that phone (though it took some patience and compassion TEACHING him how to use it confidently). i set up the voice mail system on it for him too, but he doesn't use that, so i never leave a message. i am the only one that calls it, so when it rings, he knows it's me. i highly recommend a pre-paid cell phone (and you get the same kind) so you only payy $1.00 per the days you use it and are not charged per minute. How awesome that you are so thoughtful regarding your grandmother. I wish my niece and nephews were as thoughtful with their own grandma (my mom), but i blame their parents for that (!) (my siblings!)
Thank you for the quick reply. I'm looking into prepaid phones now.
Understand that they can be confused by it. Don't let it be your only means of keeping tabs.
my dad had PD and a cell phone is too confusing for him- he likes to go for walks on his own but frequently falls-is there a system that he can just push a button and alert mom at the house -L.

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