I'm a pre-diabetic man, with a family history of diabetes. Should I use Metformin as a prevention medication?


i am 31 years old - married- light smoker- low physical exercise -famil history- very anxious mood and stressed in my daily work

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If your doctor recommends it, you should listen to him or her or get another opinion. I'm sure the doctor also recommends the other approaches, which may help anxiety as well - exercise and good diet, weight loss if needed. Please take this seriously. Preventing diabetes will make a huge difference in your life.
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Metformin requires a prescription. Has your doctor given you one? With or without a medicine, increased exercise will be extremely helpful, both for your blood sugar levels and for your anxiety. I'm sure you know that giving up smoking is another way to decrease your risks of poor health down the road.
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My hubby is diabetic. My mother is diabetic. My brother, my grandfather... the list is endless. So, my advice is to look at your entire life. If the doc says to take metformin, take it. I'm pre-diabetic. I have the possibility of going over and needing meds for it at any time. I can only hope my efforts at exercise and diet help.

Stress and moodiness. Hm. Sounds like some major life changes might be indicated. I would discuss things with the wife, get her on board, and possibly make some changes together. She may not be having health issues, but, if you're going through some stress and mood issues, chances are she is too. I've found that any kind of health or psychological issue is a family one, not just an individual.

Definitely, I agree with increasing exercise. Get outside, in the sunlight, as well, because that helps all kinds of things. But start small. A walk around the block after dinner, or something like that. Too much too fast makes one even more stressed, because now we're adding another responsibility. Go easy on yourself, and take things as they come.

Another little thing that helps me, and my hubby, is to take some time out of the day merely to laugh. Find a store of jokes, or a funny picture, or even notice funny things in your day, and have a good laugh with the wife. :D

Mostly, I would suggest talking to your doc about how to decrease your chances of diabetes. He'll say stop smoking. I smoke, so I probably am not the best one to ask about how to quit. lol He may suggest counseling for the anxiety. I'd agree with that far more than meds for depression or anxiety, but then again, depending on the severity, meds might be indicated. I take meds for anxiety, and they do help, but then I also go to a counselor to help learn coping techniques.

Good luck. :D
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I take metformin, twice a day. Paternal diabetes, maternal nothing. I do NOT have diabetes but meet the pre-diabetic profile as I had gestational diabetes.

My endocrinologist put me on it last year when I turned 50 as a preventative as my sugar levels were 55% on the normal scale. In order for insurance to pay it has to be at this point as it's now on the pre-diabetic "side" of the bell curve. The first 30 days at 1 pill & then 2 a day. First 30 days wrecks your gut and some insomnia.
A cheap and proved med.

Oh and the smoking - that has to go. Just the worst thing to do to your body and anyone who is around you. But you probably already know that.
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