What type of diet should I put my mother on so her bowel movements are not lose?

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Believe it or not, fiber is key! Fiber is not a way to loosen up the bowels, but a way to normalize the digestive system. I would get a good digestive enzyme complex and have her take it several times a day, and add a soluable/insoluable fiber supplement to her daily food intake. Also, probiotics are crucial to bowel health. When a person has had an over-processed diet for a long time, they can have colon blockages which allow breakthrough diarrhea to cause a real problem. They still need to clear the colon, while normalizing the elimination process. Take a good look at her diet, and see how much fiber, good fat, and protein she is getting. ALSO - and this is really critical - proper food combining is a must. If she has chicken, don't pair it with a starch. Pair it with a vegetable. Google 'Food Combining' and you'll see there is a wealth of information out there.

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Metamucil every night will bind waste together so it will be solid mass.
Be ever so careful with Psyllium in the elderly. They often do not drink enough water for this product to be entirely safe. Just do your research. There can be some painful results if the psyllium swells and causes an impaction.
We use Miralax, colace stool softner, & product called Senna.
Just need to start out slow & watch if possible & back off when
necessary. Everyone has to figure out a formula-it can be
An elderly friend would eat two spoonfuls of cooked white rice [not instant rice] before each meal. That seemed to work perfectly for her. Worth a try.

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