Shingles: it's too late for medication. How to help an elder stay comfortable and pain free until it goes away?

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MD said for shingle you only treat for pain and wait a week for it to clear up - any suggestions from experience with a loved one??

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Are they being given pain medication now? My only experience was knowing a neighbor who spent 2 weeks in the hospital with pain meds by IV when she had shingles a couple of years ago. From what she went through I don't believe a week is going to do it. Perhaps you are dealing with a very mild case. Good luck!
Actually, when I get them (frequently) I take an anti-viral medication and it reduces the time they are active substantially. I tried to skip it one time and the difference was huge, as far as the pain I think only the Dr can help you there because it is really terrible and can last anywhere from a few days to 6-8 weeks depending on the outbreak. Good Luck, 32 years ago I had my child 100% naturally without even a tylenol and that pain was nothing compared to shingles pain.
Wait a week for it to clear up? !!! Well, I guess you do need to wait one week before you can continue waiting the second week and the third .....

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