How do you transport and elder across county?

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She has stroke and does not walk.

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I my self live in Florida and did check into the transportation here before I brought my mom from New York. Most states have special services for the eldery for transportation needs. You can call Nevada, maybe the motor vechile det they may have a place for you to call. Also if you call information for the state of Nevada they may have a telephone number you can call. I hope every thing ok with the move. patrica61
Put her in a wheelchair at the airport. They will wheel her into the plane, seat her and carry away the chair. When she arrives in Nevada, they will be ready (if you contact them ahead of time) and put her into another wheelchair or walker first, then wheelchair and take her to the car, taxi or waiting vehicle. You can join her in all of this.
Check with the area agencies on aging ( to look up) for transportation services in both states. They can also help you find other support services in the area (day care, in home help, benefits mgr). Good luck with the move!
are you going to be going with your mom? If not you need to find out ahead of time about the arrangement than be made for her. Some airlines do not want the elderly flying alone. I know when I brought my own down from New york I was there with her. I called ahead of time at the both airport about what was needed. she was able to walk back then 2007. I also took out a special policy because of her heath condtions if the plane had to stop it was insurance. It covered a hotel or if a doctor had to be called
or a visit to a hospital it did not cost much at the time. This was important for me, I did not know how my own mother would act on the plane. Since she was not used to flying. The airlines also had special seaating for us. patrica61

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