Where do I find transportation to drive my elderly parents to their appointments?

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Your local Area Agency on Aging can point you in the right direction for a free or low-cost senior transportation service. To find the AoA near you, Visit https://www.agingcare.com/Find-Senior-Care/, put in your zip code and check the box that says "Area Agency on Aging"
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I've just moved to the Riverside area and no longer drive. It's not just the short trips around town that call for alternative transportation. I need to have two minor surgery and HAVE to have someone take me, stay with me, and take me home. If I don't find a solution soon I will need to cancel my surgeries. Where can I find this kind of help?
Not knowing what state you live in this is difficult to answer. However, most states have a Visiting Nurse Assoc. that can help or point you in the right direction. Also, local churches often have people who volunteer with driving and errands. Good luck.
Easter Seals also does this in some towns, so check with them also.
Jaime, the stay with you person is more than transportation. They are your Health Care Proxy if there is an emergency. You need family or a close friend who is willing to take the responsibility. Talk to you MD about your situation.
The house of aging does not help find transportation .Only guide peoplle as to where they can live. If people have a home help with some repairs.
I need a driver for doctors appointments.
I need to be able to go to U.C.L.A. medical plaza, I
danphelps, call UCLA, I'm willing to bet they have a van.
19jamie47, check with your local Independent living office and Senior Center. Recently when my husband was off work for a while he answered an ad on Craigslist and drove a man to surgery, stayed and then drove him back home.
You can also hire someone through a Home Health Agency.
Good Luck

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