Where can I find day-time transportation for my mother?

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Have you checked with your Area Agency on Aging? They have many resources for caregivers, including information on elder transportation. They really are a wealth of knowledge and help for caregivers.
What state? There may be cab vouchers available through adult protective services programs.

Is your mother a widow of a veteran? There may be some help with the Veteran's Aid and Attendance program.

i need day time transportation for my mother. a companion who can help wi th groceries and other light duty errons. she has many pysical problems thAT MAKE IT DIFFICULT TO GET AROUND BY HER SELF. she lives in duluth, mn 55811
Is there any transportation to a daycare in Chatham,nj. My mom needs to be in a adult daycare facility.
There are some senior ride programs in various cities to help seniors get around town. In Denver they have Access-A-Ride and Access-A-Cab run by the transit dept. Don't forget to check with your city to see if anything is available for you and your loved one. (You can also ride for free as a 'PCA'... personal care assistant).
My folks know all about our city's Ride program. But they just are too proud to use it. They want private rides. So they dont get out a much. Its something that makes me wonder, will I be as set in my ways when I'm senior. But with Ebola out fhere, who wants public transportation? Seniors need something safe. My folks are lucky to ahve me.
I need transportation services for my elderly, disabled mother in Youngstown Ohio. She also needs someone to go to the grocery store and bank for her. Please help
I need elderly transportation from Salem NH to Manchester NH for appointments.
My daughter is getting married in the SF Bay Area but my elderly father lives near Fresno CA. He is in a wheel chair. Is there any transportation company that will drive him up to the bay area for the day and drive him back with a care giver?
Thank you, LisaR
Landr, just guessing from a map, that seems to be a drive well over 100 miles. That's a lot for an elderly person in a wheelchair to travel in one day.
Could he stay overnight with your daughter, or with another relative in the area?

As to transportation, there are services called "ambulettes" with wheelchair accommodation facilities; last time I checked (a few years ago), some of them were about $40 one way, but that was within a local range.

I've seen vans at aging expos, some of which could be rented. I would Google "handicapped" or "wheelchair" transportation in both Fresno and SF.

I'm wondering though if your daughter could arrange for someone to video the wedding and send him a video. I just think that a one day trip from the Bay area to Fresno would really be exhausting. And very, very expensive.

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