What is the best way to transport my mother with Alzheimer's and my husband with dementia 500 miles to a new home?

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We are moving from MD to SC to be closer to my daughter and 17 yr old grandson to help care for my mom and husband. My 84-year-old mom is currently in a very expensive Alzheimer's Assted Living facility and I have recently brought my 77-year-old husband home from the same facility after having a left neglect stroke on 7/4 last year. My mom is doing very well in the facility. However with assistance from my family and privately, I feel I can bring my mom home to live with us. My husband is doing much better after the stroke last year, but is being treated with medications for high anxiety and depression. I have heard many suggestions to get them to SC (500 miles) from MD when it is time to move. One suggestion was a medical transport RV. I'm not sure my mom or husband could withstand the 8 hour trip even if they were able to walk around in the RV (my mom has a walker, my husband wheelchair). I was told that flying was out because of the air pressure for their brains??. My mom has never flown before, but the trip is only 1 hour and 20 mins, but we do have the early arrival and wait time for the flight. All suggestions are appreciated.

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Are you planning on doing this move alone? Or do you have help? I am not aware of complications of flying with Alz. Maybe asked the doctor about that? A plane might be difficult due to close quarters. Especially, if there is bathroom emergencies. How can you take one to bathroom and let the other sit alone? But that would be the fastest way to transport them. Hopefully, with minimal confusion. Maybe you could check with airline about suggestions on how to travel with your mom and husband. I am sure that the airline will need to know of there mental awareness in case of getting lost. But they would be able to tell you their protocal.

Did you consider traveling by train? It will take longer but you will be able to attend to their needs the whole time. You would be able to have a private bunk(not sure what it is called) where you all could relax.

I knew of a family who would share caregiving of their mom with Alz. Their mom would come to PA during summer and go to NC during winter. They would rent a large van and drive so far and stay overnite and drive some more. But in your situation that would be really hard on the 3 of you if you have no help.
I am sure someone here will give you a better suggestion to help with your move. Good luck!
Thanks yellowfeever-- There would be no way I could do this alone. I thought I would have to have another person (by grandson was my choice to keep my husband occupied) and I would definitely have to get 1st class seats. Both of my family members are incontinent, but still do not like/will not have a 'bm" in their diaper and I would not ever want them to have the bm unless it was totally unavoidable so that may propose a problem. I had thought about renting a RV but both of them are the type of people that are very childlike by asking "how much longer?" "are we there yet?". I had not considered traveling by train. Again, I'm not sure my family could take the long trip.
i brought my dad home over 1 thousand miles trip . it took us 3 days to get home . i stop often and got us a room often . called for a pizza and have it delever to the room . dont do t his alone . u must bring a healthy person with you on this trip . get a van and it works just fine . wheelchair and all will fit perfect , unless u have tons of stuff that needs to be hauled back ? uhaul ?
my daughter is a cna and i took her with me to bring dad home . boy was i glad she came ! shes a lifesaver !
make sure u bring someone iwth you and get 2 diffrent color bags for moms meds and her stuff and other bag for ur husband s meds and stuff . that way its all right there inthe front seat and its there when u need it and u know where it is .
do stop and get a room during the long drive . perks my dad up more once he got his room and laid on that bed and whoo what a trip :-) . good luck ..
p.s get some cd , fav music . my dad s fav music was pasty cline . bless her heart ! we jamm all the way home .
flying eeek . i never flown and never will . airport can be a very scary place to be .
rent a rv is also a great idea . if they repeat are we there yet ? just tell em how many more miles to go and what time u think ya be there etc , make a game out of it . dad always ask me how many more miles , id tell him . also tells me im going the wrong way too lol ... good luck my dear .
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Thank you for all of the helpful hints/suggestions. There is truth in the saying; "two heads are better than one--in this case four (4) heads!!!". lol
Hello, First, being able to walk around in an Rv is NOT a good thing.The trip may very well trigger axiety, fear, restlessness, etc.It is extremely dangerous to be driving with an agitated person and if you have to stop, you stuck. Your on the road and out of town. Trust me , don't do it.The best way is the shortest, with the least amount of stimulation possible. I would call alzheimers assoc.,make a wish fndtn, airlines, medical transport co., K of C, etc., and start looking for places where wealthy people with private planes offer use of them for free for special circumstances such as yours .They do exist, I just don't have a specific address for you. Look for free medical flights on the internet. Once you get that done, arrange for adequate assistance, 2 people for EACH of your loved ones, BESIDES you ,directing the whole operation. Take care of all toileting, feeding etc. prior to the flight, send luggage separately. Again, ask for volunteers if you don't have enough family available to assist. Have all to/from airport travel prearranged. Lastly, have MD write for a few doses of mild tranquilizer such as Ativan, to be given 1 hour before the flight and right before boarding if necessary. Sit back and enjoy your brief trip. When you arrive at your final destination, and everyone is tucked in for the night, Pour yourself a great big, nice cool Pina Colada and begin your new life in beautiful South Carolina ! Good Luck and God Bless ! D.

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