What are some tips for lifting an elderly?

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Lifting mom is getting to be too much. We use a belt but she is getting so she doesn't help at all with her muscles. I am afraid my husband and I and the caregiver are reaching our limits. Power lifts are too expensive and won't fit in her bedroom. Are there any tips to lifting? I just need her to be able to take a few steps to the bed. She can 't use the walker anymore.

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I understand what you are facing. I found out, quite by accident, that Medicare will pay for a lift if it takes two people to lift someone. My mom falls frequently--she is heavy and has no leg strength to help get herself up. Her doctor had to write the order of course, but the lift is sitting in my livingroom righ now. I hope this helps. Diane
Please be very careful. I lifted my mom several years ago and tore something in my hip joint. It took seven years and several doctors for one of them to decide that I had a labrum tear in my joint. That was the reason for my limping and pain for all of that time. I had always been told by doctors that I had a lttle arthritis and that was the cause of the pain. How wrong they were. I had surgery and then fell about eight weeks later and there was pain again. I had been rushing around to get my mom something in a hurry, it was my fault. But, then I had pain another two years until I finally went to a different surgeon who informed me that my hip was now gone. I had to have a total hip replacement at 55. I can't lift over 20-25 lbs now.
Oh your Poor Mom, she must feel devastated and like a burden, poor thing, I cant imagine needing so much help. Please give her an extra hug from me tonight!!
MY friend has a hoya (sp?) lift that she cranks. It takes two to get her in and out of bed so she gets paid help each morning and evening thru medicaid. They will not pay for an electric one thou, she has to crank it. She gets her mom washed and dressed every morning at 4am, then herself for work, then her help comes and she goes into the chair and into the van for daycare each day. Its got to be so hard but her mom was in a nursing home and she took her out. She is a dedicated wonderful daughter and her momis so lucky. good luck.
You probably alreadry tried physical therepy. If not, ask her doctor to write an order for home PT. They will come to your home and try to help you with the lifting problems. You said a lift wouldn't fit in her room, but maybe the Physical Therapist can show you some adaptations you can make. Also, an Occupational Therapist can provide help with any home adaptations or needed equipment. Best wishes to you and your mom.
There is a device called the ELK lifting cushion that is a mat that slips under the bum of the person on the floor then inflates to lift them to a sitting position. They are about $3000 which I couldn't afford but they make another version to help get out of a bathtub for $800 which I could manage. Mangar is the manufacturer. This saved us. My mom gets too close to the edge of whatever she sits on and ends up on the floor. She doesn't hurt herself but I can't get her up. It's just me and calling for help (not 911 of course) resulted in voicemails and us laying on the floor for hours. Now I just roll her on her side, slip the mat under her and kind of hold onto her while she "inflates" ( just for stability). Best of all I can store it in her closet or under her bed. Weighs about 5 pounds and the compressor takes up less space than two shoe boxes. Best money I EVER spent!!!
Anyone out there use a Hoya Lift? My Mom is getting "almost" impossible to move. She is late stage Dementia/Alz and stands for 30 seconds here and there when I am cleaning her only.
To leave her in bed now, or get a lift, what do I do from here? I like the fact I can get her onto the toilet to bathe her, she normally does her BM on the toilet still as I am bathing her. She cannot speak either, its so sad. I would love to hear from others in my situation or in their past situation. Whats my next step, I hate the thoughts of being in bed 24/7. Thank you..
The lift is called a hoyer lift and there are mechanical and manual ones on the market. There is also a device that is a stand to aide in transferring from bed to chair. Talk to her physicians about PT & OT that can teach you how to properly transfer her.
You must learn how to properly move her or you will injure yourself!
Best wishes
A standing Aide? I never heard of it, I will look into it now. She has an appointment in a month with the doctor, I just do not know yet how I am going to get her there. Thank you.
Hi Jenn, when googling standing aides it looks like they need to assist or be able to follow direction, is that true? My Mom cannot use her hands, they are curling, and cannot understand the words "step in, hold on" etc. Does this mean this is not an option? Thank you
It sounds as if a hoyer would be your best option. I am so sorry you are going through this. Can you afford to bring a Certified Nurses Aide in to help you with her in the mornings?

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