I have to help my mom out of the tub. Any tips on lifting an almost 200 lb person?

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My Mom (89) still LOVES to soak in the tub. She does try to help but it's hard for her. Our bath tub is set up the opposit from hers so she can't get out by herself. I can usually lift her under her arm pits but it is a struggle. I just don't want to deny her a bath once a week if she showers the rest of the time.

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For the safety of both of you, you should not be lifting her in and out of the tub on your own. There are automatic lifts designed for this or walk-in tubs that are actually really nice and she can just step into them.
I would suggest continuing with the showers until you can find a safer alternative.
good luck
I agree with Lilliput. We went with a walk-in tub for my husband. Authomatic lifts are less expensive. I hate to think of depriving your mother of something she really enjoys, but showering is a safer option for both of you.

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