Last night we went out to dinner and my husband had to go to the potty. What am I supposed to do if I have to go with him?

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Last night we went out to dinner and my husband had to go to the potty. Not just to pee so I did not know what to do. When he opened the door I could see that it was pretty much a one person room with a stall and a urinal on the wall, so I went in with him and guided him to the stall. Well the door opened an a man came in and looked at me like maybe he had misread the sign and was in the ladies room. I told him my sitiuation and stepped outside while he use the potty. Please let me know what am I do to in case it is a potty here there are more rooms than just one.

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I think I might take him into the ladies room and let him use the larger handicapped toilet. At least all the stalls in the LR have stalls with doors and no open urinals. do you think your hubby would be ok with that? I do think women would understand and not be offended. Hugs, Cattails
Thanks for your help. As a matter of fact his aide can in this morning and I asked her what to do and that is exactly what she said to do. All ladies restrooms have closed doors and she said for me to stand outside his door and explain to other ladies what is going on and they should understand. Great advice. Thanks
Use the family restroom. Lots of places have those.
I did that with my Dad and warned the other ladies. No one ever seemed to mind and even made friends with him as he washed his hands.
faye, most women are used to taking care of kids and having to bring in a little boy into the ladies room, so women are much more likely to be understanding. Open the door and warn any woman in there that you're bringing in your hubby. Then like the others have said, use the handicap stall.
Thanks to everyone. Great to have this support when you just do not know what to do.
I always contact someone that works for the facility for help. They always provide someone to explain that there is a man in the restroom assisting his wife and that they may go in if they wish but not to be shocked that there is a man inside. I try to target a big box store and look for family bathrooms but they a few and far between.
@fayewlbur - I started to answer this question and then I realized I answered one similar to this months ago. That post had a LOT of good advice. I just researched my account to see if I could find it and it was posted on 11/19/2011. To read the post and all 27 answers, to to the very, very top of THIS page and on the right there is a "search"
line where you can put in a question. (It's just under my account/public profile/signout). Type in "How do I deal with taking my dad to a public men's restroom" It will then bring up the topic. Then in blue lettering you will see the question - click on it and it will bring you to the original question that was posted on 11/19/2011 and all 27 answers. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you are able to access it - I just tried it and it worked fine. God Bless you for the care you are giving!!!
Positively, the ladies would understand. There is no way you could stand around a mens' room waiting for your husband, if it is the kind with the open urinals, etc. Has to be the ladies room. If it were winter time, I could see myself hanging my coat over the door where there is the sight gap to offer additional privacy. I do that even for myself-LOL Good luck to you.
I agree with others...take him in the women's restroom. husband, and several other men I have asked over the years, have told me that men are the opposite of women when it comes to public restrooms. They do not speak to one another or even make eye contact in the restroom. Even if standing in a line, which is rare for men's restrooms, they are not social in there. Therefore you more than likely will not only be not accepted warmly there but could be treated rudely.

I have a friend with similar circumstances (handicapped son). She has a small magnet sign that she sometimes places on the outside restroom door as a warning to women/girls before entering.. I think she mainly uses it at large or high traffic restrooms where she can't possibly speak to everyone coming and going. The 5x7" sign, which she carries in her purse, says something like: THERE IS A MAN IN HERE! (In bold red type that gets attention) In smaller black type: "Due to health concerns, a man has been escorted into this restroom in order to use the facilities. It should only take a few minutes. If you are not comfortable with his presence, you should not use this facility at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding & patience."

The sign reduces the shock factor upon entering the restroom and is informative so that women/especially young girls have an option of coming back later, before entering.

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