How do you tell your elderly mother that she has stage IV cancer?

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She had a small bout of cancer 2 yrs ago, and sunk into deep depression

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Well it would be best to have a doctor tell her with you sitting with them. The doctor can explain what Stage 4 is. My father had Stage 4 melanoma. It was not long until he was gone only a month. It would be best to try to plan things or medications that might still work. The doctor would know if there is any treatments that could be still tried. I don't know it's a tough one. You know your mother and if the doctor has given some inclination of time left or medical treatment it would all depend on all of this together.
My mom is 82 and has terminal LC, dr says 1 yr to live. she does not know.. Mom suffered a stroke 4 mos ago that robbed her of her sight. This sweet little lady is now so helpless and scared because of the blindness it breaks my heart. while in the hosp for the stroke they found the cancer. mom lives with me now and seeing her so sad makes me very confussed on what to do. I am not sure that I am ready to had her this news while she is adjusting to so much right now. she was always quite independent and now is just so fraile and scared..lots of folks disagree with me not telling her but I know I will loose my dear mom to depression before I loose her to the LC. Best of luck to you...keep in touch

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