How can I tell my grandmother that I love her even though she no longer knows me?

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afraid i will not do the right thing or anything at all. not only is my grandma dying but my best friend is very sick with cancer too. the 2 women i looked up to are leaving me. how selfish of me.

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Vashti, I am so sorry for your sad situation.

Even if Grandmother does not recognize you, she may benefit from hearing this kind person who is visiting her tell her nice things like "you will always be in my heart" and "I love you."

And even if she is at a point where nothing seems to register with her, it will benefit you to speak the truth -- that you love her, have admired her, etc.

So tell her! In words, and, if it is OK with her, by gentle touch, holding her hand, hugging -- any nonverbal signs that she might absorb.

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