How do I talk with my mother who is very out of touch with reality due to her Alzheimer's?

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My 82 year old mother lives in a nursing home and basically gave up walking after breaking her hip which was preceded by a stroke. She's lived there for three years, but she thinks she has only been there for 2 months. Lately, she has been talking about actually walking. She has asked my wife and I for help in getting out of bed so that she can get to her car and drive home which is totally impossible. Today when we left, I made the mistake of saying that my wife and I were going out to eat and my mother wanted to know if we would wait for her to get dressed and go out to eat with us. Is there an article or a book on talking with persons like my mother?

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For Alzheimer's I like the book "Creating Moments of Joy" by Jolene Brackley. Most of her example involve care center residents who are totally out of touch with the external reality.

I also like Pauline Boss's "Loving Someone Who Has Dementia."

Is it feasible for your mother to get dressed and go out to dinner with you, in a wheelchair?
Thanks, jeannegibbs. I will look into getting those books. Unfortunately, my mother is so bed ridden that it is not feasible for her to get dressed and go out to dinner with us in a wheelchair.

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