I'm taking over my mother with Alzheimer's finances and housing and need legal help. Where do I begin?

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I started at my mother-in-laws bank. She and I went in and she made sure I was put on her account so I can sign checks, pay bills, etc. In our situation, I eventually wanted all three of her sons to be on ALL of her accounts even though it's only me that pays the bills. I just wanted everyone to be satisfied that they had the right to check up on what I was doing at any time. Also, I set all her bills up to be paid online, so it's a lot easier now. Again, I gave the boys the username & password they would need to see what's going on. I've seen too many families torn apart because of money, it's not worth it to me. Good luck.
There are so many things that you need to put in to place. You may want to seek the services of a geriatric case manager to get all your stuff in order in a short period of time. This guy has a great rep and may be able to help you, I have used him in the past Donahue@caregiverrelief.com.
You really need to to make sure that you do things so that other family members will not come back and give you a hard time later. Families get so ugly.


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