How can you take care of a stroke victim?

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i would like to know more about taking care of stroke victims

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my mom is 88 years old, she suffered a cerabellium stroke a year this past oct. she has made a good bit of progress, but the longer it goes the worse i get trying to take care of her she lives with me and i have two sisters and a brother and non is willing to help me, i have to work too and are there any suggestions you might help me with, shes on medicare and medicade, im getting to my witts end, jon
Well, John, you aren't alone. I realize that you asked this question four years ago, however, there may be someone wondering the same thing. There are many companies out there that are non-nursing care that can come in and assist you in caring for your loved one. Home Instead, Comfort Keepers and Interim are just a few. I wish you the best of luck!
I came across this article regarding care of a stroke victim. Hopefully it will give you some good information.

You will need to keep scrolling down if you see an advertisement between the paragraphs, just keep scrolling otherwise you will miss the whole article.
Here is some more information in case the person you are caring has difficulty in talking.

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