Can I save my Dad from his wife?

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My elderly father is ill, and lives with his wife. He has breathing problem among other illness and she is just nasty to many dog, the house really need condemned it has a smell we can not get out of the house, she does not bath her self, does not tend to her self at all. She takes his money and does not pay the bills, their water is shut off now and the electric will be in a couple of days. My question is can I step in and take over his care, he is also out of his meds she hides thing from me and my family, we just want the best for our Dad and she is doing nothing but making him sicker, please help us.

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call senior services in... they can come in and do an assessment of what services are needed and have them removed if needed. the city will come in and have the house declared inhabitable and they will be on the street in a few days with no water or power. If your going to step in get ready, where r they going to go?
can she stop us from stepping in and moving him in with us. We are hoping she will go to her children and just leave. I hate this but if we don't do something I think she will end up doing something bad. He has been out of his meds for at least 2 weeks
call senior services, but i doubt they will be thrown on the street without senior services or someone helping them to find shelter.

gosh, that was a scary answer you gave her!

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