As a caregiver, how do you take care of both your elder and yourself? What should I do for stress relief?

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Do alot of complaining on the gross-out thread,instant stress relief.
It's so important to talk to your doctor openly about the situation you are in, as far as taking care of your parents. Other things that help......counseling, taking time to nurture yourself, giving yourself permission to sit down and read a good book, or go shopping , or hiking.....whatever makes you smile.
Meka, It is a very hard thing to do. It also takes time to adjust and learn to back away from the situation whenever you can. I've been with Mom 24/7 for over 2 years now, and have barely learned to go with the flow! I now have a helper for 30 hours a week, and she is in daycare for 6 hours, three days a week, so I have more time to myself. My husband gets very frustrated because my 6 siblings rarely help me out. That relationship has been rough too.
I do crafts when I can, knitting, felting, and painting. I also like to read, but that is hard to do because I have restless leg syndrome, so just sitting is very uncomfortable. The crafting keeps my hands busy and my mind off of the stress.
There is no easy answer, but you have to try to find time for your family and yourself. It will help with the stress. If you can get away for a walk, that helps to clear your mind. Also, get yourself an IPod, or something similar and record your favorite music to listen to whenever you can. Music can almost always lift your mood. Good luck!

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