Where are the support groups for caregivers?

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I have been living with my Mother for about 11/2 years. She has early dementia and needs to have a caregiver in her home or she would be in assisted living. It has been a roller coaster and quite the learning experience. This website has been invaluable to me during this time. When I first moved here I looked for local support groups and could not find anything. I did find this website but I would love to find a group that meets weekly to discuss caregiving problems and solutions. I live in Southern California near San Diego. Anyone out there know of any support groups?? Any info would help. Thanks...

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Hello hadenough,
Below is a link to another thread asking the same question you have asked. Our Expert gives you some guidance with this.


I hope this helps.
The AgingCare.com Team
Try the local Elder Services in your town. This is where I found a support group. Good luck and hope you find something. Take care.

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