Where does a fellow get support for his wife whose wife seems to be failing?


We are both in late 60's. My wife had leg pain, misdiagnosed for years, final got back surgery with rods in her back couple of years ago. Recently sleep apnea, she tries to do much for herself but all the housework falls to me. It is difficult to go anywhere because of all the stuff we have to take. Everything I use is way up or way down low because can't reach it.. She now out weighs me by 60 pounds spends most of her time watching TV, eating or reading in bed. She takes many prescriptions and lots of pain killers. She has fallen several times. I am finding myself depressed. I sound like some woman complaining about her shiftless husband.

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Please try the Well Spouse Association at www.wellspouse.org. There you'll find other spouses in your shoes. There are some spousal caregivers on agingcare, too, but you are right - it's more geared toward adult children. I do hope you'll visit occasionally, however.
Good luck and take care of yourself,
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Not all of us take care of parents, but I do know that regardless of the circumstances... the FEELINGS are pretty much the same...and yes, you have given up your life, as many here have... it doesn't make any difference that you are in a marriage with this person.... please feel free to try some of the different threads and see if you can find a place you are comfortable... you have as much right to vent and say what's on your mind as anyone...
Check out the sight Carol suggested, that may be your place.. if not we are here for you... prayers and hugs...
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