My mom has just been put on a mechanical soft diet for swallowing problems. Any menu suggestions?

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Is anyone else dealing with this? Any menu suggestions?

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Mashed potatoes, oatmeal, cream of wheat/rice, mashed squash, pumpkin pie without the crust, creamy soups, chunky soups pureed in the blender, pudding, applesauce, canned fruits pureed in the blender, overcooked pastas with sauce, scrambled eggs, if bread items are allowed then pancakes drowning in syrup.

This is not a menu but a random list of items we've included the two times my husband was on such a diet.

BTW, Thick-it can be used in just about any liquid, including soft drinks and beer and wine, etc. Be very careful with carbonated beverages -- they tend to fizz and overflow the glass!

Good luck!
Thank you so much! We were just introduced to thick it and I was unclear on what all it can be used in.

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