Has anyone used the "stove guard" alarm for their elderly loved ones? It is supposed to shut off stoves that have been left on.

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I haven't tried it, but it sounds good. Let's hope we hear from a consumer!
Thanks for bringing it up,
I have contacted our local fire department. He has heard of these type of alarms, but obviously can not recommend one brand over another. I do hope I hear from someone who has used this product. My 86 year old mother lives on her own and has forgotten to turn off the burner to her stove, or has thought that she has turned it off, but didn't shut it down all the way. She is capable of living on her own, just needs a little assistance.
Just picked up on this, I work closely with the manufacturers of the Stove Alarm and Stove Guard. See my site at http://www.telecareconsulting.com The stove Alarm detects a rise in temperature above the cooker top and sounds an alarm, it can also be part of a Stove Guard system which when it detects the alarm will after 1 minute (if it has not been turned off) will turn the cooker supply off. The Stove Guard also has a an alarm output which can connect to a Lifeline Telephone via a Telecare transmitter to alert a monitoring centre if required. We have been working with London Fire Brigade, Electrical Safety Council, Dept. fo Communities and Local Government to further develop ths product. We have since installed one in Lambeth Council`s Assistive Technology Flat. The device is CE certifed.
Mike Orton

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