Klig281 Asked January 2013

How do you stop a parent from doctor shopping?


My mother wants to drive, but she has spatial issues, snail slow reaction time, confusion....you name it. All issues point to a very dangerous situation should she be allowed to drive. Problem is after 3 extensive neurological exams, all recommending she no longer drive, she insists on going to another Dr. to see if she can get them to sign paperwork giving her the ok to drive. She is wasting her time and the Dr.

I had her pretty well convinced it wasn't going to happen, then her younger siblings wrote a letter to the dept of public safety requesting her license be reinstated. They sent her all the paperwork to start the process and she was off and running again.

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Klig281 Jan 2013
Medicare is her primary, but she has blue cross blue shield that picks up the rest. I refuse to take her to anyone but her primary care physician that she has been seeing for about a year. Excellent Dr., But doesnt tell her what she wants to hear. She calls different Dr. and whines about how mistreated and neglected she is. I had one call me in last year to quiz me about her sad state of affairs. Told me my mother was very distressed because I had wrested power of Attorney when she was in the hospital after her stroke, 2008. He was stunned when I told him I had the power of attorney with me dated 2003.

I honestly think if she keeps this up someone will be calling Adult Protective Services. One in home rehab nurse threatened to even though we had a caregiver popping in for 4 hour shifts and on call as needed for her when she lived at home.
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jeannegibbs Jan 2013
She is wasting her time and the doctor's. Whose money is she wasting? What kind of insurance does she have that pays for 4th opinions?

I wonder if you could alert her medical insurance company to what is going on ...?
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NancyH Jan 2013
She's going to keep looking for a doctor that will give her what she wants until someone puts a final stop to it. What about her car insurance company? If they were to get a letter from one of these doctors, saying of the risk your mother is to drive, would they drop her? What about the DMV, have you called them to find out what the protocol is when someone is unsafe to drive? I'd hate to see her drive, get into an accident that's her fault, and become one of the growing statistics that I see on TV of yet ANOTHER senior driver behind the wheel when they shouldn't be.
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