How do I stop my mom from pooping and peeing on the floor?

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This is one behavior that is difficult to control. It seems that dementia patients like to mark their territories. Does she have a particular place or time that she does it? If so, that would make it easier to monitor her. You could make some room off limits or make sure some one was with her when she went into that room or at those certain times.
I had a similar problem with my husband 4 or 5 years ago. He has frontal temporal dementia and he would get up at night and pee right at the side of the bed, or on the curtains, or go into a corner of the dining room. He also wanted to pee outside whenever and where ever he could. Not trying to expose himself, but just peeing behind the car or a bush or a fence. Of course, he wasn't always as completely hidden as he thought and I had to stop taking him out as often and to certain places where he might be alone for several minutes. As for the poop, he would just poop in his pants and walk around with a load like a one-yr-old. Close watching eliminated most of this "marking," but could not stop it completely. It just gradually went away by itself over a year's time. Then he started shoplifting M&Ms, but that's another story.

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