How do I stop my dad's dementia rambling? I've tried distraction, changing the subject, putting on music & he still continues to rant.

Usually it's in the afternoon. Now it's starting in the morning too. I know it's the dementia, but how do I keep myself sane? My husband & I care for dad 24/7. We cannot carry on a conversation or watch TV.

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This is difficult, by the dementia rambling, do you mean constantly repeating himself? Sounds like he must have a lot of anxiety, which is normal with the dementia. My mother-in-law lived with us and would go on and on as well. Her doctor put her on a low dose anti-anxiety medication and it calmed her down.

It was just enough to calm her nerves and help her cope. You said both your husband and you are taking care of your dad. Hopefully, you both take time to get out even individually if there is no one else to take over - you need a break and it does help, but it is not easy as you have to return and back to the rambling. It is mentally draining and I feel for you. Hopefully his doctor can come up with some solutions via medication. It is worth a try to keep your sanity. Take care.
Thank you 3pinkroses. I'll make an appointment with his doctor. My dad was living alone & then had a stroke & came to live with us 2 months ago. I'm sure it's been an adjustment for my dad and that's what is creating the anxiety.
I'm glad to hear your plan, Luvmydad. Dementia can't be cured, but often symptoms can be addressed for an improved quality of life. All three of you will feel better if Dad is less anxious!
I can relate totally to what you are experiencing. I've been there. My dad has passed away but I would give anything to have him back rambling and all.
Hi, Can I do an add on question? My mom just started hearing music playing constantly and last night I found her outside our house looking for the people playing the recording of "Three Blind Mice" over and over. She insists it's there, though it's not obviously. What can I do to help her cope with this constant audio hallucination? Do I need to get home care now? Will playing the radio help distract? Thank you.
Poor dear! Make sure that her doctor knows about this new symptom, storydame. The radio might be worth a try, although hearing the announcers might add to her confusions. Maybe CDs would be better. You won't know until you try, I guess.

If she is now a wandering risk, you need to address that, too.
Storydame, my dad loves old cowboy music, so I bought a CD that he listens to at night as he falls asleep. The CD is only about an hour long & turns off when it is done. Cable TV has music stations without commercials & my dad loves the Big Band music.

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