How can I get my mother to stop driving?

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How can I get my mother to stop driving? She gets dizzy all the time. She has been in a few accidents and she won't go see a doctor.

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This is always a tough subject with elderly people. Losing driving privileges is a big loss of independence for them. If she is seeing her doctor regularly for other issues then try to get her go in for that then bring up the dizziness with her doctor. You can report her to DMV yourself and they will investigate the situation to determine her ability to drive. It takes longer than if a doctor reports her but it may be a way to go if she refuses to see a doctor. Good luck and I hope you are able to work something out with your mom♥!
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Report her to DMV. Meanwhile, disable her car, hide her keys, do whatever it takes to ensure she isn't driving. This isn't simply about risks to her. Other people's lives may be at stake.

This is extremely difficult. I feel totally sympathetic to your mother. I felt miserable for my husband when he mourned the loss of his car for a year. But it has to be done. We cannot allow other people to be placed in danger for the sake of our loved ones' feelings.

Ditto, Jeanne.
Plus, you can enlist the help of your Mother's PCP. Even though doctor-patient confidentiality prevents them talking to you without a release, most physicians and care providers are more than happy to listen to family members (without giving any feedback- they can't due to HIPPA) if you call and share information that is vital to your mother's health and welfare. Perhaps then the doctor can contact your mother directly and encourage her to come in "for a wellness check", or bring it up when she is there on another matter. It is vital that the PCP know this is happening as it may be as simple as a middle ear infection, or as serious as a TIA (mini-stroke).
The sad thing is my mom dosn't even have a doctor. She didn't pay her bill. She keeps saying she is going to go to my doctor, but she never does. She is 70 and you can't tell her anything without her trying to turn it into a fight. She ask me today why was I trying to control her. She thinks I moved in with her because I had to, but I moved in with her because she was acting nuts. My brother was living with her, but he is crazy. I had to call the police on him. Thank god he moved out.
jujubee - I understand how difficult this is - been there, done that with my MIL and there was hell to pay for not letting her drive. But, she was a very stubborn person and no one was going to tell her what to do. Please take Jeanne's advice before your mother or someone else is injured or loses their life for something that could have been prevented.

The hard part for you is that you live with her; my heart goes out to you as you are on the receiving end of this and can't escape. You are doing the right thing; she has already been in a few accidents - you don't want any regrets. My prayers are with you as this is truly one of the most difficult things to accomplish.

Had that big take it away from mom thing happen to sis and I.
but first she didn't pass her test (written 6 times) california". and dizzy thing was an issue and falling we had to band together , her daughters me and sister, and her fiduciary who is 3rd POA and financial person.
Also remember that your mom could kill someone and herself also people will sue for all she has in her *name. and the worst of worst is the guilt that she would have for ending someones life and the family's remorse.Another person dieing because you no she can't drive safely will destroy all of you.

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