Is nausea and stomach pain associated with a leaking heart valve?


My mom has a leaking heart valve and is very frail. She is experiencing nausea and stomach pain. Is this pain associated with the progression of a leaking heart valve?

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My dad is 79 years old and has a leaking heart valve. He has type 2 diabeties. Many years ago he had an ulcer in his stomach burst and was hospitalized. He has continued to have bouts of his ulcer acting up. He gets winded after a small about of excertion. (shortness of breath). He is now waking up with an upset stomach. He has been taking alkeselzer a couple of times a day. He refuses to get medical care because he thinks the test, care, etc is all about the doctors and hospital making money. What do all these symptons indicate?
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I think one of the easiest things to look for is gall bladder/stones. My mom would get acute pains actually in the groin. Rule that out first and move on if nothing is found. She really needs a gastro doctor. get her in asap so she does not suffer any longer. good luck
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nausea/dizzy/stomach discomfort could possibly be a number of things. BUT..need more information.
Does she have a curvature of the spine, any past neck problems?
ASK doc: can this be related to Vegas Nerve being pinched, or one of the cranial nerves near it?
Not that much can be done for that. But sometimes, if the person gets something very simple, to help the neck area get properly aligned using gentle maneuvers only, it can take pressure of the nerve that is pinched, and relieve tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, etc. Even jaw /tooth pain that stems fro a pinched nerve in the neck, nearer to the base of the skull areas.
OTH, if something else is going on, it needs assessed.
My Gma was able to avoid major and potentially crippling surgery to the base of the skull and neck, simply by getting weekly to monthly Cranio-Sacral-Therapy from [she got lucky!] a Physical Therapist at her local community hospital. [having it done by a PT was key to getting Medicare to pay for it]

Her Doc argued with Medicare to get it paid for
--by telling them "sure, you can force this very elderly, fragile woman to have surgery, and that has about a 90% chance she will become a 24/7 bed-patient for the rest of her predicted very long life [that would cost a huge quoted figure]. OR, Medicare can pay for as much CST as she needs PRN, and that only costs [[tiny figure]], for the rest of her life, and she remains able to do most of her own ADL's, thereby saving the System [[big figure]]."

IF the pain is rather more centrally located in upper abdomen, up near where the ribs converge at the sternum, and If that reacts to sugars or fats, there might be something going on with the gallbladder, or with the ducts, or with the pancreas.
Need to have a full and careful assessment.
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My Mom of 80, always complains of this with dizziness too. The doctors cant find a thing! But Thanks, i will check the all her meds. What should i look for -may cause nausea or stomach ache with being dizzy? ( little humor) Does any body got any good jokes for our loved ones? My Mom loves a good joke! Thanks for all---
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These also sound like gallbladder symptoms...maybe add this to your list of things to check out. Best of luck to you!
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There are SO many potential causes of "nausea and stomach pain".
Are there other symptoms--like:
Fatigue? Sweats? Pain focused anywhere in particular?
Aching or pain in L. arm, shoulder, neck?
Headache? Dizzy? Visual symptoms?

Have you explored her medications, to see if those symptoms occur worst after taking one or several meds that you might be able to see a relationship between?
Has there been any vomiting from this?
Has there been a fall connected with episodes of the nausea/stomach pain?
Are there any food allergies or sensitivities, or, might she have been given foods that disagree with her ability to digest them?

Hope you can find cause soon!
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Nausea and stomach pain can indeed be caused by a heart problem but it can also be caused by medications, foods, or else a disorder of the stomach/digestive system. I would advise taking her to the doctor to be tested to find out the cause.
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