Is there an easy to use Stereo system that is for people with Alzheimer's?

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I have thousands of songs I could put on a hard dirve for her of 30;s, 40's, 50's and 60's music. My mother can't turn on the stereo in put in cds and she can't turn on the TV. So she sits while my dad sleeps all day an stairs into nothing. But when my sister goes by after work and turns the music on for her she lights up and starts singing and remembering her yourh. My dad is not use to caring for someone. He has been very ill for 30 years and my mother kept him alive when all the doctors said he would not live long. I think that wore her out. He somtimes putst the music on but after the 1 cd plays he dosent think to put in another. I need something simple that can be turn on easly even with a timer.

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It sounds like you already have a stereo with speakers set up in the house. How about leaving the power amp on all the time and adding a six CD changer to the system. Load it with a variety of the CDs you made. If she or your dad can press the one button on the CD player (label it with a big 3x5 card?), it will work its way through five or six hours of music without any further hands-on needed.

When your sister stops by, she can swap out for a different batch of CDs for the next day's concert...

The one I'm thinking of is the Onkyo DX-C390 6-Disc CD Changer Player. (We have one and it works like a champ.) There are smaller portable boom box type players, but they rarely take multiple CDs. I got my Dad one, and he complains he can't lift the lid to put in CDs...

Good luck!
It is so wonderful that you and your sister are concerned about your mother's daily activities and interest levels. Music can be a real contribution to quality of life. I like JeannieW's suggestion for a multi-CD changer.

Good luck!
Another thought -- could you and/or Sister call dad and remind him about the music periodically?

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