What can I do if a family member steals pills from our aunt whom we caregiver for?

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my aunt lives at her house, myself, my fience, her grandma live here also. The grandma and her mom have addiction to pain pills. They steal are aunts pains meds and the caregiver even notices... what can i do and who can i contact? The grandma is always naggin to herself

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Why do you leave them where they can steal them? It should not be hard to do. You or the caretaker hold on to them and give them to your aunt when she needs them. OF COURSE an addict is gonna take them when your letting them. I think your just as guilty if your allowing it and it sounds like you are.......It's hard to believe that this is a problem if you are aware of it. Your letting them do this. YOU MAY AS WELL JUST BE PUTTING THE PILLS IN THEIR HANDS.
You are responsible to keep pain meds safe. Do your job and stop blaming everyone else. Put the meds is a safe place. Get a small safe if you need to, but take care of the problem.
they are put in a safe place. They still find a way to get to them
What do you mean by a safe place. If other family members can get to them, then the place you are putting them is not safe enough. I don't mean to sound harsh, but clearly what you are doing isn't working, so you have to do better. Get a small trunk and put a padlock on it. Only you and the caregiver have the key. If that doesn't work then you need a small safe. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but someone has to take some responsibility here. If the ones taking the meds have an addition problem, then maybe it would be wise to talk the their doctors and alert them to this problem. Maybe your aunt needs to consider different living arrangements for those who would steal her meds. Start with the trunk.
We seem to be telling you the same thing. It's hard to understand how they can possibly still be getting them if you say they are in a safe place . Are you for real? If it is such a safe place then you explain how they are getting them. Look up the word "safe" and maybe you'll understand what the word means. I don't mean to be blunt either But if I were your aunt I WOULDN'T FEEL SAFE WITH ANY OF YOU! How can you be keeping her safe if you can't even figure this out? I think somethings fishy about all this. You can't be a caregiver to someone if you can't even take care of their medicine!!
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You may also contact the police and get a restraining order put on this person, or have them arrested if you know they are doing this... sorry for the harsh answers above, you were simply asking a question and probably just needed some encouragement to call the police... it is better to have that person upset than to have your aunt not getting her meds... let me know what happens and how you are doing... hugs
ladeeda: I'm sorry if my answers were harsh. They were harsh, so I'm not saying they were not, however, you can't get a restraining order on someone who lives in the house. You would have to have them arrested and charged. I don't have a problem with that, but you have to have some proof as to who is doing the stealing of pills. On some level, from what I read, it seems like everyone is living at the Aunt's house. Who pays the bills? In case you didn't notice, the question is poorly written, it says the Aunt lives there along with Grandma (I'm guessing that's the Aunt's mom) and then the person writing and her fiance. So who is the "Grandma and her mom" that have an addiction to pain pills? The pills are not in a safe place or they would not be used by others. The police can't come into the house and just guess at who is stealing them. Bottom line, lock up the pills.
Kyllokustoms and Ladeeda: I want to apologize for my rant(s). I hope you find a safer place for the pills. Maybe you can call Adult Protective Services and get some assistance. Good luck.
o.k. I guess I should also say I'm sorry for being harsh also ,but I was saying it with good intentions. Pain pills aren't something to take lightly. People are dying everyday because of them. I.m sorry. I do not want to see any more people hurt from these drugs especially when we are aware of a situation at hand.
Of course they would be pain meds...those are the worst things one can ever get addicted to, and I've even heard of people stealing them from pharmacies. Those sorts of drugs need to be kept in a LOCKED place and also you should probably call the police, they may be able to do something. Hope this helps...

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