Should I put up with my mom's husband being a jerk to me while I try to take care of her?

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Should I have to put up with my mom's husband being a jerk to me all the time im just trying to take care of my mom? I don't understand why he feels the need to treat me so bad. I can't take it anymore.

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No, you should not have to put up with it. Tell us some more of what is going on.
tristapascoe, did her husband move back in? If he did, I know it is a tense situation. Let us know what is going on. It may help just to talk about it.
Ya he came back two days ago and as soon as he moved back in he expected everything to be his way. He has always treated me bad but i could leave now im stuck here taking care of my mom because he refuses to help and i have to deal with him. He is the reason i moved out when was 16 i couldent take the abuse anymore. When he came back he was suppose to be looking for a job he hasent left since he came back all he does is watch tv, drink beer and expect me and my husband to cook and clean he wont get up to help. He had left 4 plates of food on the counter with out scraping them since hes been back today i asked him if he would scrap them so i could load the dish washer and he got mad and started slamming things around throwing things in the sink. Now everytime he leaves the other room he has to slam the door then if he goes in the bathroom he slams the door. It scares me and now im more stressed then i was before he came beack
This is a terrible situation. I wish I had some good answers for you. If it was just him, I would say to run like the wind, but I worry about your mother. Is there anywhere that she can go for a while, such as the hospital or rehab? While she is there, you and your husband can get your own place where her husband is persona non grata. Then you decide what to do when she is released.

It worries me that doctors cannot find why she can't walk. I know the answer is out there somewhere. Maybe an autoimmune disorder? Living in a house full of stress is probably terrible for her. I hope that you are able to get into a better place soon and away from her husband.
Are you living with your Mother? If she wants him there, then call social services for an in home visit. You get the heck out of there, Talk to her doctor about putting her in the hospital or mentioned before. Explain to him what is going on; maybe he will even have some other ideas. Then find a new place to live immediately.

If this is your house, then no where is it written that you allow someone to live there that you don't want in your house. This sounds like a possibly dangerous situation for all of you.
This is my moms house and i couldent put her in a nursing home she has told me before when she had to go to one for rehab that if she had to go back she would kill herself so i couldent do that because if she did i would feel as if it was my fault. We have cnas who come in everyday but around everyone else he acts like such a nice guy but as soon as they leave hes back to his old self. As for me being here its more than stressful do to things in the past which i wont go into its jest to much. Im hoping he will pack up and leave again even though its hard on my mom him not being here is better for her even though she doesnt see it. He dosent give her any affection anyway half the time when she tells him she loves him he says uhuh or ya it pisses me off if he doesnt love her why cant he jest leave
As for this being a dangerous situation it always has been but i cant leave my mom alone with him i wont
Well tonight her husband drank so much he couldent walk straight and fell on his face in the kitchen. He was mad because there was no pitty from me or my mom because she is angry at him right now because i had a 1500 word assignment due tonight and he was suppose to help the cna if she needed it but he wouldent even come help when the cna and my mom called him he jest ignored them.

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