My father takes his Social Security check and spends it gambling on the lottery. The bank said they can't limit his withdrawals. What can I do to protect his money?

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what do I do my father takes his social security ck and spends gamlbing on the lottery. Age 86

Bank said they can not limit his withdrawals. is there any thing i can do to protect his money for his living expenses

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You might want to have a discussion with the Adult Protective services of dept. of social services. They may be able to intervene with the bank to assure his needs are covered first. Just a guess, I don't really know.
Unless this is new behavior for your father indicating some sort of mental issue, then he's just one of the millions of people who spend money they don't have in order to win money they didn't earn. How do you stop someone who's younger from doing the same thing? You can't. Sorry.
I agree with you nheaton, my grma used to play the lottery a lot. Nobody ever tried to stop her, she was handeling her own money, it was one of the few pleasures she still had. It may not be what you would do with your s.s. check but its not at all uncommon for them to do it. As a matter of fact It was kinda funny on check day to see all the old women in the store eal early in the a.m. getting their scratchers tickets, theyed scratch them off right in the store sometimes so they could turn in there small winnings for more tickets lol:) its probably nothing to worry about.
you can try to have your father deemed incompentent to make his own fianancial decisions and go get guardianship through the court system. This will give you the legal standing for the bank and you can make it so that only you can get maoney out of his account. The bank needs something legal before they would let a family member just intervine. Hope this helps
I suppose he can do whatever he wants with his money. My only concern is that he has enough to take care of himself and his needs. Is he covered for food, housing, long-term care, etc. Will spending these earnings make it such that he could create a financial burden on someone in your family?
As long as he has these bases covered, let him have some fun.
You can do something either get POA on him and or have his account with a second person for any transactions, i had to do this with my Mother, then make the bank aware of this, they one time actually called me at my work to tell me she was trying to get money out. Hope and pray that this info will help, god bless you,

I would first get Durable and Medical POA. Then I would have him evaluated by his doctor to see if he is competent to handle his affairs in a business like manner. Then, I have that doctor sign a letter stating that and why which he will need to get notarized. Last, I'd take the durable POA and the letter to the bank and then take charge of his finances.
Gosh that seems harsh, if all he is doing is playing the lottery. Unless there are other reasons to think that he may have something nurological going on. People play lottery in spells sometimes, they dream big,spend more than they should realize they arnt going to win,and go on to dream about other things. It may pass. And you may have a hard time convincing people he needs a poa because he buys lotto tickets. This is also a huge undertaking,its not easy taking cares of someones finaces along with your own. I would make sure it is really needed before I take on that responsibility. And if he is of sound mind, you may not want the animosity it might create in even trying. So I would think hard. Its hard enough on them when they start loosing there independence. Playing lottery might be his way of realiving stress. Just some things to think about:)((hugs))
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I'm one of the oldies--live alone-cook my meals-pay my bills- I'm on ss and wow !! I play the lottery, what else can we do. Oh ya, I even forget at times what I opened the fridge for. Another thing-I drive and even go to the casino once in a while. Do I win ?? Heck no, but I'm not gonna quit because someone don't like how I spend my ss.Unless I'm asking someone for help-it's my business and my money.
Are his his living expenses in jepordy due to his gambling?

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