Is it true that social security (Federal Government), will pay you, in order to take care of your elderly parents?

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I took my 83 yr old mother to her hair dresser a few days ago, and a woman who works there commented "that I should look into social security paying me, for taking care of my parents." She claims she has a neighbor who was paid by the feds, in order to take care of her elderly parents. The hair dresser lady said, "that the Federal Government would rather pay you; to take care of your parents, then to run up medicare charges for nursing home fees."
This doesn't seem possible to me, so I thought I would ask the experts here? I live in north east IL, if that plays into the equation with social security? As as side note, I have been taking care of my parents full time since 2006. My mom is 83, and my dad is 84. I had to quite my job in 2006 into order to care for them full time.
Any input on the matter is appreciated!

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Benefits for Caregivers
Although the Social Security Act provides benefits for many circumstances, it does not provide funding of benefits for caregivers of elderly recipients, not even when the caregiver is the adult child of the beneficiary. Representatives of the Social Security Administration suggest that you contact social services agencies in your community if you need assistance in finding resources that make it possible for you to care for your elderly parent.

Supplemental Security Income
Supplemental Security Income, although administered through the SSA, is not paid with Social Security taxes. Funding for SSI comes from U.S. Treasury general funds. SSI makes payments to low-income people with few resources, who are 65 or older, blind or disabled. If your parent qualifies for SSI benefits, which are paid in addition to Social Security benefits in specific circumstances, this may provide an income source that would allow you to properly care for your elderly parent.
SSI Income and Resource Limits
SSI income limits are based partially on your state of residence. In each state, the income level fluctuates from year to year, and the SSA sets the limit. Your elderly parent may qualify for SSI if his income and resources fall below prescribed levels. For purposes of qualifying for SSI, the agency counts real estate, bank accounts, cash, stocks and bonds as resources. Resources are limited to $2,000 for an individual and $3,000 for a couple. Your parent's home, life insurance valued at $1,500 or less in most cases, your parent's vehicle; burial plots for your parent and immediate family; and $1,500 in burial funds for your parent are not counted against your parent's resource total

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"the Federal Government would rather pay you; to take care of your parents, then to run up medicare charges for nursing home fees."

Oh if only that were true!!! It should be - and perhaps one day it will be.

But in truth most caregivers take on their parents care for no compensation, and in fact spend a good deal of their own funds making sure our parents have what they need. Some of us quit our jobs, lose our insurance, and end up impoverished taking care of our elders.

Make the calls to your counties DFCS or Aging Agency - find out what is available. Perhaps Meals on Wheels would save some money if Mom qualifies, or food stamps - every little bit helps, and you won't know if you don't ask.
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“10 Government Programs You Can Access for Your Elderly Parents.”


“How Can I Get Paid for taking Care of My Elderly Parents?”

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Mariesmom & Karie,
Thanks for the replies to my post! I will look into the posted links.
What resources are available for older women taking care of their chronically ill husbands?
My 83 mother lives with my family and she gets Social Security. Can I get money for being a caretaker?
I feel social security department should pay for elderly care. Giving them back what really do to them. You pay in taxes all your life and when you die you get a $250.00 check from social security office. Now that is a shame!
Social Security is for retired seniors who have paid into the system. The majority of retirees get back more in their pension than they did paying into the system. Using Social Security for elderly care would deplete further the already low funds. What needs to be done is for the government to initiate laws to keep elder care affordable for everyone.
I have a friend who I go and take care of. He has a tube in stomach from cancer, he need to be put on and machine everynight in order to feed. he has a dog and cat that I also make sure are feed., once he is set up for evening I go home and go back every day, Weekend I stay with him., and take him out of house. So I was wondering if Scocial Security will give me any thing and if so how do I go about it.
There actually is a program. It is called IHSS. You can find info about it through the health and human services agency.

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