Mom just passed away. What should I do with her last social security check?

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It was automatically deposited in her account (joint with me). THe funeral director said since she passed in January, I keep that money. He said if social secuirty sends funds for February, that would need to be returned? Does anyone know if that is true? She passed January 1st, don't I need to return the January funds?

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If they need to they will reverse the deposit. I would wait and see. When dad passed away he died Dec 29. But the check was in and back out a week later. Not sure about what happens if she gets to the first of the next month.. Actually I'm curious as mom and have a joint account too.
Mom is getting to that critical phase. I'm so ready for this to be over mom sounds so bad. But my sisters and I are here with her.
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Not sure how it is going to be with your mom, but my mom had the gurgle and it was pretty loud. They kept giving her meds to try to dry it up and control it but it wouldn't stop. I felt so bad for her. Then the day before she died, that morning all the gurgling stopped. I couldn't believe it, she was actually breathing through her mouth (that's how she always slept), and there was no noise. I hope you all with be able to have peace and it is so good your sisters are with you. My sister last saw my mom on Friday, when the dr. was giving her 24hrs. She felt she couldn't do anything else , so she told her she loved her and said her goodbyes. My mom was so right, weeks earlier she told me that girl was a "coward"! Mom lived 3&1/2 more days. I thank God I had my daughter with me, and I know mom felt the love. You're in my prayers.
I wouldn't spend it - just wait and see if they take it back or not. The funeral director "might" be right, but unless you have the money to pay it back when they start calling for it, I wouldn't spend it.
The funeral director is right.
Just leave it in the account, SS should clear the file and send/deposit the death benefit and claw-back whatever overpayment is needed within 60 days. This way you don't want to have to worry about having the account NSF.
I got information from the funeral directer today..She said that since mom passed after the first of the month the check will stay. But no check for February...if she had passed away at the end of the month the check would have been reversed. So your safe. There will be no death benefit because we are not surviving spouse or a child.
Thanks. I was hoping he was right. I'll still just hold it there to be safe, but that's two funeral directors, and Tinainky so far that said the same thing.

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