My sister is going to an attorney to force her way into our home and see our mother who wants nothing to do with her. How can I be forced to let her in when she isn't welcome?

My sister is now going to an attorney to force her way into our home to see my mother who wants nothing to do with her. We live in a duplex but it is run as one household. Does anyone know how I can be forced to let someone in my home that is not welcome? I can't believe this can even happen.

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How can a lawyer allow this to happen without a judge's mandate? Wouldn't that be like wanting custody or visitation rights to a child, but first you have to go through the courts? Maybe you ought to be telling sis that she can spend all the money in the world paying a lawyer, but then she'll have to go to court and prove her case. At which time you'll be there to tell the judge the 'truth, the whole truth' about what's been going on with your mom and sister.
Well I wouldn't put it past her to go to court to get it done! My mother doesn't need this emotional abuse as it's been going on for 5 months. It's my home and I don't want them in it. I told them they could see my mother and they needed to drop her off at the sidewalk but they want in. Not going to happen if I can help it. But my mother doesn't want to see them anyway so I don't even have to go thar far.
Evidently there is a long standing problem that is going on that we don't know about.
I don't understand why your sister insists on going INTO your house? What's the big deal about that? Why not just meet at a MacDonalds or something and let her visit your mom with witnesses around? I hate family drama, don't you?
I guess my point is, don't panic and get ahead of yourself. Tell your sister that you'll see her in court.
My mother-in-law has medicare, humana insurance but what kind of help she needs is not available. She has depression and anxiety. and a little pain in her neck. My husband and I are caring for her 24/7. We think she needs home health and we need a break. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks nancy

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