Are there any side effect improvements with the osteoporosis drugs Boniva and Forteo?

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I want to know if anyone has cared for someone who had side effects from Boniva(oral once a month) or a course of Forteo (daily injections for 2 years). Both are under consideration. Was there improvement? I am especially concerned about jaw necrosis. My sister has major mouth and dental issues. We just spend $10,000 in dental work.

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I'm on Forteo, 18 months into the daily shots. No major side effects that I've noted. Trouble losing weight and if I don't drink enough fluids during the day, major leg cramping (but I do a lot of walking for work and also workout - I'm 59). I will know about bone density improvement in January 2018 when I'm tested again, but I can tell a difference. As I go, I find aches in my bone joint, but nothing that doesn't subside. There's a Forteo web site that you can go to and read about patients experience with Forteo. Interesting reading and overall nothing major for most. After I'm done with Forteo my doc will switch me to the twice a year Prolia.
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I just googled class action lawsuits for both drugs. This is another way of learning whether people well outside of your acquaintance range have had side effects. You won't be able to determine whether you specifically will have the side effects, but at least you'll have a better idea of what others have experienced, on a large scale basis.

In the google hits, I also noticed there's an osteoporosis forum; you might want to check that out as well.

My father took Fosamax for a year or so before d'c'ing on his own b/c of the side effects he experienced.

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