She is always cold. What can I do to warm her up?

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I warm a flannel sheet in the dryer, wrap the client up, and top with a throw. Calms, warms, and comforts.
My relative wears undershirts, sweaters, sweatpants, uses a throw, and keeps the heat at 80.
A polar fleece snuggie-style blanket that I made gets warmed in the dryer (right-on, Ruthie!) works wonders. My FiL loves to have a scarf put around his neck as well. We have a space heater in Papa's bathroom which I turn on when he goes to the bathroom.

LME - we have an infrared heater that sits in front of my FiL (Papa) so my hubby and I can keep the house at 69 and Papa can stay nice and warm. Also, I bought (on sale, of course!) a twin size electric blanket so he can really tucked in and warmed up. I also got a 12 volt electric blanket for the car so he can stay warm going to the Dr. office.

Gryheart25 - you do have my sympathy. Layers work best at keeping heat in. Nice fluffy layers work best - think polar fleece, wool sweaters, sweats, scarves, mittens or gloves, those wool sock/slipper things, etc.
Another idea that I use with Papa, especially prior to a blood draw: warm up a cloth bag filled with uncooked white rice (it is really cheap) in the microwave for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Really helps! Also, the instant heat hand warmers that hikers/backpackers and hunters use works well.
We have a thermal throw for my Mom. It goes everywhere with her... even the hospital. It autoshuts off to prevent overheating-fire. It's invaluable.

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