Caregivers can't shower my father and women can't visit because my dad is sexually aggressive. How can I handle this behavioral problem?

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Have you had your father evaluated by his Primary Care Physician? Inappropriate behavior is unfortunate, but perhaps his doctor could help you with a plan.

You need to get help for him, so you can relax too.
There could be an underlying reason that is causing the problem. Is he on some medications? Is it possible that he had a stroke that caused this change in his behavior? I would definately have him checked out by the Dr and possibly even a gereontologist. take care, J
Yes, an evaluation with his PCP and a Gereontologist (sp?) is in order.
I am not for drugging someone but there is obviously a problem that is going on in his brain. Many times this happens with CVA or stroke and also Alzheimer's disease or dementia.
With frontal temporal dementia, inhibitions (sexual and verbal) no long exist. With MOST dementia(s) this is a common problem.

I don't know if there truly is a way to suppress his sexual desires, but a qualified physician should! I agree DRUGS are not the answer. There may be a hormonal issue (doubtful) or a 'mental issue' that has no other recourse.

I would hate to see your father 'arrested' for sexual assault or indecent expose! It can happen! Be careful, and mindful of these possibilities. Talk to his doctor!
Good Point I had not really even thought of that (the getting arrested) Yikes..
Definitely speak with his physician and see what they recommend. try to establish rules and boundaries, remind him of behavior issues when they occur and hang in there. It is not uncommon but it sure is a pain in the...
Let him shower himself and let do all he can, use a male caregiver.
Yes, he will still feel independent if you let him shower himself with the aid of possibly a male caregiver. They do have them, you just need to request them.
When my MIL went into ALF before here, a male caregiver came in to give her a shower and she freaked out. She told my
DPOA SIL (Durable Power of Attorney Sister-in-Law) and she, in turn, requested a female caregiver for showers. MIL got a female.
If seeing his MD and getting help does not work you may have to place some nurse may decide he is being neglacted and file a report on you you could try a male aide and malecaregivers but you will still have the problem of not having female friends in your home for visits if he goes on medicaide it will be determined by his assets which is more fair than if it were a spouse-you have to decide how much his being there affectes your life.

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