Are there services for older adults, such as adult day care or assisted living are required to identify clients at risk of falls?

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Falls prevention policy and procedures are required in acute care or long term care facilities, but I'm looking for guidance on what other types of services, including in-home services, might be required to do re: preventing or responding to a client's fall.

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The person's doc can do an easy test to check for risks of falls in his ir her office-just by having them walk and sit down and stand up from a chair-to begin with-how they walk alone will give a good idea what will be happening.
thank you for taking time to answer! . I didn't explain myself well enough; I'm looking for examples of professional or state standards or regulations that specifically require a falls risk assessment or protocols for a response to an observed fall in settings such as adult day care, in home services.

I have attached article that can provide great insight while dealing with this problem. I hope this helps!

5 Common Adult Day Center Myths


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A home care nurse can use her computer to grade level of risks for falls and can tell you the results.

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