When my mom's dementia eventually gets really bad are there any services out there that would come in and help out?

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And If I decide not to go the NH route, are there any resources for getting extra help in the house. I am sure she would be living with me at that time. Does medicare cover anything "extra" at this time? I know from past experience when she has broken bones that they will cover PT, OT and an aide coming in I think a couple of hours a week, but nothing really substantial. Does that change as she gets worse, or no?

Also, I don't know too much about hospice. If she was in the end stages of dementia, do they come in and help out? Is it free?

I guess what I am trying to find out is if there are any services out there (other than paid of course) that would come in and help out for more than, say 1-2 hours per week? Thanks.

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I only know of going thru her church (if she belongs to any particular one). My mom lives with me too and I don't ever want to have her put in a NH. I think if that time ever comes when I don't have a choice but to have more help for her, I will probably have to hire it. And no I do not think Medicare pays for In Home Care or even a NH...but correct me if any of you have different info. I would be very interested in knowing too.
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We've had home care coming in for a couple of weeks. They told us that Medicare will only pay for 3 weeks now. I don't know if it is the same for all situations. This is OT, PT, nurses, and a nursing aide for baths.

It is sad that while families are being encouraged to provide in-home care for seniors to save on costs, the government is taking away benefits that help in doing it. So much now is falling on the shoulders of one lone caregiver.
My parents have home health care five days a week for no charge here in Ohio. The nurse comes and takes vitals and checks her out and a aide comes to clean and really anything else they need. She will come babysit if my stepfather has to go out.
A doctor comes every three months unless the nurse tells him he is needed. A podiatrist comes every three months to trim nails and check her feet.
No cost so far and it's been over a year. Medicare is paying for all of it.
She has dementia but nothing else wrong except she has panic attacks once in a while. The last was last Monday and they took her to the ER and tested her her for hours. Again nothing major wrong. She's 91 and bedridden.
CherlyS, five days a week sounds great. How many hours do they stay for?
The nurse stays for an hour unless she is needed for something. She always asks and usually she doesn't have to stay longer. Sometimes she will change the bed and check for things that we non-medical people might miss. She keeps charts on symptoms and progression. They have the ability to put her in a nursing home if the situation is bad. (Although I'm sure a good attorney could stop that if the patient really doesn't want it.)
She also takes my step father's bp and checks him out. It's important to make sure the caregiver is in good shape. She's the one that asses the situation overall.
A supervisor from the home care service they use stops by unannounced on a regular basis and asks questions about their own workers. They can change things or advise extra help.
The aide that comes can stay as long as needed. She does the laundry and cleans the house and helps with my mother. She can also spend the whole time helping my mother if it is needed. It's been a wonderful experience since they give much needed advice on all kinds of situations.
The nurse will also just sit down and talk to them both so they feel comfortable about what is going on. She is the eyes and ears of what goes on. She is the one that makes the calls if something isn't working. She takes care of the prescriptions, etc. They also take care of supplies like bed pads, etc. They are shipped right to the house with no charge.
CherylS, I am so interested in what you said. Is it possible that these visits are paid for by Medicaid, rather than Medicare?
No way My parents have assets to envy.
How did you find out about this service. We live in Missouri and I'm in search of this very type of care for my mother. Is there a specific website I can go to or agency I should seek out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
CherylS, can you provide the name of this program?

Check with your local area agency on aging for any community support funding. She may qualify for some hospice care. Has she had a decline in two or more areas such as bathing, eating. Recent weight loss over the past year. Change in communication related to dementia?? Local home care agency should be able to do a home assessment to see if she qualifies for any Hospice services. Medicare will not pay for a nursing home stay unless a person has a three day qualifying hospital stay. Then when they are in a nursing home, it is only for a short time if they are in therapies, and meet "skilled " nursing care. Good luck to you and your family.

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