Is there a service for elders that live alone that requires them to "check in" or activate daily, and if they don’t check in someone is notified?

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I'd like to know about that one too if it is an affordable product. Great question - thankx
Some senior centers have vol. call people daily and if they do not get an answer they have a process to go through so someone checks on them and some police departments do that also but a lot of the seniors forget to notify aomeone when they leave the house. a friend of mine told her neighbors if she does not bring in her newspaper to check on her-it would be nice if neighbors would check on the eldery-my neighbor next door has my sons phone number so if she is conserned about me ahe can call him-maybe someone has a good solution to that problem- I do let my neighbor know when I am away for more than one day.
A Senior Center by my parents have a service called Keeping Independent Seniors Safe (KISS), that works on a call basis. The Senior calls in every morning, and if they do not, the program checks up on them, or sends help. It's not an alarm product, but a human intervention program. My Mom absolutely refused to participate. And if a Senior has poor memory, the center would have many false alarms. But it may be a good program for some, giving family members a little peace of mind.
Some family caregivers solve this problem by taking turns calling the "live-alone senior" With the abundance of cell phones and affordably priced calling plans we have today, family members,neighbors, friends, and even grandchildren can get in on the act. All it takes is for someone to take the lead in setting the call schedule and getting callers to sign up for blocks of time. If administered correctly this becomes enjoyable for both caller and the person being called. All calls should be kept short and light. Don't call like the Angel of Death! Just call and chat about the weather or something light. If the senior does not answer as expected, the Lead person must provide a protocol to follow: e.g. If senior is at-risk for a fall or has medical problems, call a near-by neighbor to check on them. In critical cases, call 911 and ask for someone to check the house. (Best to check in with local Police Dept when you set up protocol so they will know how to respond. Most Police Departments appreciate this heads-up and will be happy to cooperate.)
We offer a simple solution to this problem. It was conceived and designed by my brother and I specifically to help address this problem for our mother. The loved one calls waits for the service to the call them each day at (a time of their choosing) and they respond to the phone call by pressing 1. This alerts their care circle (which could include doctors and police but is typically family, friends and neighbors) that they are OK. The service is called Iamfine

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