Dad's driving even though his license was revoked. What should I do?

My former neighbor just called and stated that my father just parked in my former landladies driveway and walked away. I am not worried yet about wandering as he has not exhibited that before but I am concerned that he is driving and his license was revoked in September by the State of FL at the suggestion by his doctor.

He doesn't trust me and already is accusing me of things so my calling him on it will only increase the underlying animosity between us.

Anyone else out there have this happen? Any suggestions?


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You know the situation with your dad seems to be snowballing, between his revoking POA, telling tales of woe at the senior center. imho you need to be proactive in creating a file on him that shows he does not have the cognitive ability to do for himself. Contacting FL Dept of Law Enforcement on the above situation adds documentation to his decline and it's their report not yours. Your old neighbor should be aware of how he has changed too - thank goodness she called you. Her statement to FDLE will help support the fact that your dad is not competent or cognitive in his ADL;s. Good luck, it's going to be a l...o...n...g weekend.
Thanks igloo572! Yep this is going to be a long day and a longer weekend!!! Yes, my former neighbor is great and is more than willing to help. I will contact the folks at the number you provided! I feel like I am in a bad dream! :)
Disable the car. Take all sets of keys.
Pull the battery or better yet, let the neighbor have the car towed, maybe to your house.
Please get him off the road, no matter what you have to do. My daughter is out there and I love her very much and don't want anything to happen to her. Call the cops, have the car disabled, let there be animosity between yourself and your dad. Sell the car, but plz do something, before something happens.
Thanks to all of you. Fortunately it was a false alarm, the car belonged to a friend and it looks very similar to my father's car. Whew! All the talk of disabling the car is a bit tricky as he can get it repaired and it would be considered against the law. He has put me in a bind by revoking my POA so I cannot sell the car. That said, if I do find out that he is thinking of driving I will call the police. I did call them the other day and offered a copy of his diagnosis but this particular county will not keep those on record. I have no idea where he has the keys but will be looking for them. Do not think for an instant that I want him to hurt anyone! Please, really, is that comment necessary? As for bringing more animosity into the house that is already destroying my health, I don't think I could take any more. I will be calling a lawyer today to discuss filing for guardianship where I can take charge of everything. Again, thank you for your comments.
Of course I didn't think you would want him to hurt anyone. Just saying please don't let him drive.
Thanks and very much understood Brandywine1949. He is actually being good and taking the bus and purposefully not driving. It was just a case of mistaken identity of a car. Take care of yourself and thank you!

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