My mom has dementia and has developed thrush. She won't let me brush her teeth--what can I do?

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I HATE antibiotics. My mom has Alzheimer's for at least 7 years. I noticed this morning while cleaning her mouth her tongue and saliva was white with spots.
I tried gently brushing her teeth, but she cried "It hurts!" She is in her last stage of this demonic disease, so she can't do anything for herself.

QUESTION: What have you done when this occurred with your parent?

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Yogurt is good for thrush. I used to work with people with HIV. Thrush was a common problem. Yogurt helped a lot. Her doctor may prescribe something such as Diflucan to help.
Call her Dr. She may need an anti yeast drug like Nystatin. There are several different compounds they could prescribe which would help with inflammation & pain. Hope this helps.

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