My mom sees ants. What should I do?

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My mom sees ants.

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Based on the limited information provided, possbilities include an actual vision disturbance that would need to be evaluated by an eye doctor, or a visual hallucination that could be a sign of dementia or delirium, depending on the onset, length of time, and accompanying symptoms. Ultimately, this problem should be discussed with your mother's doctor, but if you have further questions about this topic, you are welcome to contact me directly (see my profile for information).

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If the ants are in front of her eyes no matter where she looks, perhaps you should consult an eye doctor. It may be harmless floaters.

Seeing ants may be hallucinations associated with her dementia. Does she see anything else that isn't there, as far as you know? Do the ants bother her?
Is she on digitals ? (an older cardic med). Seeing small things like that can sometimes mean toxic levels of the above drug. If she takes the medication contact the
Doctor about. Also another symptom is that they "act different than usual". Treatment is simple and effective.
Good luck.
Thank you, I had her retested and she does have a UTI. After living with her for 3 years you would almost think they may take my word for it. She has always seen ants when she has had a UTI. She is now on antibiotiucs.
That's when I started to question my mom's health..her stories of ants running around the walls and on the tables. She would swear they were there even though I never saw any. My mother just recently passed away from Lewy Body Dementia. I encourage you to google the disease or any of the dementias and see if any of the symptoms fit your mom. There are medications out there to help slow down the process of dementia. It's a horrible disease that changes the personality and mentality of your loved one. But if you can get the diagnoses and study it you will be able to prepare yourself for what's to come. Good luck and God Bless.
Thank you, I will do that. God Bless
I do sympathize and was there at times. I feel very lucky it was a UTI. I just wish they would have diagnosed it the first time tested.
She's not on digitals. In the past she has seen ants when she has had a UTI. I had a test ran it came back with no trace of infection. Could this be a sign of dementia?
Kind of reminds me of my MIL weeing bugs and after eye examine determined they were "floaters". If you can find a cause, it is easier to deal with the problem. drug contredictionscan cause confusion, if it is caused by aging process or chemical changes or other, best to see the ants also, for the sake of your own sanity. Been there, gang shootings outside the house, people creeping around, someone after her diamond (which she didnt have), the stories would make a great movie. Have patients and participate in her dramas.

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