How is a senior supposed to pay for a roof or paint job on their house when they only have $2000 or less in the bank?

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There are state and federal programs that help with some "weatherizing" and other home improvement progects if they qualify. Also some local cities and counties have programs too.
Also, you may want to see if Habitat for Humaity could help with some volunteers. Does your family member belong to a church? Perhaps they can help.
There are so many people out there who can help - you just have to make your wishes known.
good luck
Are you asking "how can a senior maintain their property while on Medicaid"?
Ditto to what anonymous said. EVERY local government (municipality or county or township) has a senior program. They will have info on programs to help low-income seniors (and other adults with disabilitites on SSDI for example) to maintain their homes with new roof, doors, windows, insulation, etc. This is a good program that our taxes pay for - it protects our most vulnerable citizens AND provides jobs for local contractors. It's part of our "social safety net"!

Contact tour local program on aging or your state dept of elderly affairs for info on applying. They also likely provide assiatnce paying for heat or utllities if needed, or can refer you to the appropriate agency.
They may have those programs, but there is not always help for large-scale jobs like re-roofing a house. Our local Commission on Aging has "helpers" that work on a donation basis (they do the work, you donate what you can to the Commission) - they will do window washing, gutter cleaning, etc - but things like re-roofing a house or painting are beyond the scope of what they will do. They will refer you to a local contractor for work like that and then you're back in the same boat - can't afford it.

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Friends, I noticed after reading responses that the original post was back in 2010. I wonder if the poster is even still around.
Thanks, GA....I didn't notice, I'm sure others didn't either. Oh well, perhaps our answers will help others.

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