Lately my father has been really confused as to whether it's day or night. Will this pass, or only get worse?

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Lately my 97 yr old father has really confused day vs. night. Will this pass, or only get worse? I thought it was just from a UTI, but the UTI is now over and he's still confused. I've bought him a clock with HUGE numbers, the day, the date and am vs. pm, to no avail. He also now sleeps fully clothed, no matter how much I try to get him to undress. Is this dementia or Alzheimer's?

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This kind of confusion COULD be part of dementia. Does Father have any other symptoms that suggest dementia?
I don't know, but please make sure that he is taking B vitamins, and especially B-12. In addition, if he is taking medications, you may want to check the side effects, as sometimes side effects of medications can be a problem.

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