Is anyone else medicating themselves with food?

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I find, that in the last year, I have put on so much weight. At first I thought it was passive eating, then, I noticed that I was overeating at the most stressful moments in my life...which have been many, lately.
I realized that this is no less destructive than over indulging in alcohol, pills, or other negative behaviors. It almost feels like I am destroying my health out of the frustration of not being able to handle everything right now.
I noticed that my face becomes red and hot when I get just a little stressed. I think I may have high blood pressure, too (which I never had before).
Added to these problems, I have no desire (or time) to exercise properly. I feel like I am sinking...there is nothing postive to hold onto right now...just more work and more stress.
Does anyone have a good solution for getting back on track healthwise...especially if you do not have a lot of free time? I find myself envying those people who go to "spas" to unwind. The only spa I have is my bathtub :o(

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We could almost be the same person. I have gained over 50 pounds in the last 3 years while dealing with separation from husband, mother in nursing home, daughter and her husband divorced, son and his wife separated, fell and broke right elbow, legal issues, car was rear-ended in August leaving me with unpaid medical bills...and I clearly understand where you are coming from. I leave for work at 6:30am and get home after an 11 hour day. I drag myself up the stairs and plop down on the sofa. I don't want to do anything. I don't want the phone to ring because I am soooo tired. I go from the sofa to the fridge, then on computer and Facebook for several hours while eating God only knows what. I ate almost a whole large pizza the other night and then I wonder why I can't wear any of my clothes. I am an emotional eater, who eats whether I am happy or sad. I am now close to the 300 pound mark....pity party is what I do best. If I don't lose some weight and soon, I am going to have a stroke or heart attack. But, I have found that when I am helping others, that is when I don't dwell on the negative. Seeing that there are folks who have bigger health, marital, and other major issues helps me to take a closer look at myself. I volunteer at the nursing home on a rare occasion, and when I do I see how those little residents appreciate anyone who gives them attention. They are so sweet and have so much to offer. There may be an agency that offers free exercise classes. The town in which I live offers women's exercise classes, support groups and much more. I believe you could benefit from such activities...hang in there cause you can do it!!!!
Oh man, it's been a long cold rainy winter here in Oregon, and along with that has come the fat train. I am back to using my CPAP machine at night to make sure my sleep apnea hasn't reoccurred on me. Most of the problem stems from NOT exercising anymore. I have no desire to get myself back to Curves, or even to use my own equipment. There is a little switch I have in my body that makes the sleep apnea come back with 20 extra pounds (really stupid) so I have hit it again. My mother is dying of cancer, my husband's job made everyone take a 15% pay cut, and my mother-in-law is feeling neglected too. I'm not depressed, just mad and frustrated I guess. For me I eat when I'm bored, tired, sad, happy, sick, well, horny whatever the case, what's not to love about food?...ha As soon as Spring is really here, not this peek a boo Spring we're having, the weight will come off slowly when my husband and I get back into the habit of taking walks in the evening again. (please Lord)...
I have gained 20+ pounds but, standing at 5'8", weight is not such a problem. I just have my hair and teeth falling out of my head, rarely put on make-up or clothes that indicate a possible figure underneath and, basically, don't feel pretty no matter what I do. I suppose depression is raising its ugly head in there, but I have fought it most of my adult life and manage to keep it under control. But any more, I go for literally months and years without seeing friends, a lot has to do with I don't want them to see me like this, after this long a time. I feel, after 20+ years of caregiving my mother age 82 after a massive stroke/aneurysm and moved in with me 10 years later. While we lived in separate homes, it wasn't as bad, but its now gone from bad to worse and, to make things more unbearable, I have to depend on her pension to help me support myself since I took an early retirement in 2002. Things have snowballed, and I don't know if I've gone past the point of no return or what, but my future is bleak. Good news is I may have landed a temp job with the County, which would be an answer to my preyers at this point, for many different reasons. Wish me luck, I hope to hear for sure by early next week! Hang in there, I figure things can't get much worse, so that sounds like they will get better; maybe so!
Um, ya, don't all caregivers who don't have a break? (I'm not trying to be rude, I mean it!!) God help us all.
(((((((lilli))))) I am so sorry you and others above feel so hopeless. I have struggled all my life with emotional eating - being the scapegoat for a Bordeline Personality Disorder and narcissistic mum has certainly contributed but as an adult i have to take responsibility for myself. None of us can do everything and some things some times have to be let go.I have taken a break from my mum - meaning no communication from me though i still get emails from her and I do this with no guilt. For how long I do not know. She still sends me requests and demands regularly, which i ignore. Am i an uncaring person - no not at all, i am just doing what I need to do to survive. Her needs are a bottomless pit and she would drag me into it and consume all my time and energy on what are largely wild goose chases. She wants my company too, but she is so negative she drags me down and I have to travel 5 hrs to get to her city and then stay in a hotel so it is not something I can do often. I have been seeing a therapist (well qualified and no cost through a local church) and he is encouraging me to do what is good for me - and to detach and distance. No one can do it for you. I have an AHA moment the other day. All my life i have been concerned about doing right by others. Then I realized that doing right means also doing right by myself. Duh - took a lot of years. Lilli I know your problerms with your mum are different but it sounds like you need a good check up and to do some things that are good for you. Are you on antidepressants? They can help if you are overwhelmed. I have looked at what is essential in my mother's care and she is getting that - without my direct involvement. Of course she wants my involvement but I cannot afford that right now as my physical/mental health has suffered too much. I am in touch with the people who are in contact with her so will hear if any real crises occur. I have lost close to 20 lbs since Christmas (have gone down a size ) and am looking at hiring a personal trainer for a few sessions. It is only since I have taken a break and have mental/emotional time for my self by detaching that I have been able to do this. I have gotten caught up on my back taxes, have some time to enjoy my grandkids, and also to think a little what I want for my retirement. Lack of mental/emotional space is a real downer and I don't think anyone can live like that for long without doing themselves damage. Please take some steps to regain a better balance in your life. you can do it. i have taken a lesson from a friend whose dear husband of many years was in hospital dying of cancer. She took the morning off to read her newspaper and coffee witrh friends. She told me that she knew he wanted her there earlier each day but that she needed that time for herself. That was healthy and I learned from it. Joan
I'm there too! 10 lbs since we moved to a new state and my father moved in with us.

I have two dogs so walk them regularly and ride my bike - but come 9:00 - the stress eating begins.
I have put on weight too but it's been during the aftermath of losing my mom who I cared for for over 5 years and then my mother-in-law 3 months later. It's like I am trying to fill a void in my life. I think problems with my bro and sis and cleaning out Mom & Dad's house has added to it. Sucks. I hate it.
And I eat at night. I usually do okay during the day.
HI ringo and miz - would just encourage both of you and the others to take even small steps to look after yourself. There is a void after losing a loved one, there is a change after taking some one into your home. Either way it is stressful and can take a toll on your health,
miz i retired a year ago and felt a void too - though do not have the grieving you do, but it is still a big adjustment and has taken about a year for me to refocus

I lost my youngest son at age 23 nearly 9 years ago and after suriving the first period of shock I realised that I had to start looking after myself better -and eating better was high up on the list

you can do it!

I'm so sorry that you lost your 23 year old son. Nothing I have gone through compares to that.

Just my everyday, unrelenting, stupid stress.

I'm trying. Also, my father (who is very thin) eats a LOT of junk food - food that I would never have brought into my house before (because I know how I am); so I am having a hard time resisting that temptation.

I used to be quite vain - but now - can't figure out my motivation. I'm in an office all day - then waiting on a 90 year old and 16 year old son . . . what IS my motivation????

I know it should be to take care of myself. Hopefully, I'll find that motivation soon! I hate feeling this way.

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