My secondary insurance has become too expensive but I need the prescription card. What can I do?

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on disability make 929.00 a month rent is 450.00 new cost for secondary ins. is 429.00 doese not leave any money for persriptions or food & utilities need help especially on persciptions I'm a diabetec an have a few other problems tried to find another ins. but they refused to cover me because i'm a diabetec part d ins. would put me in the donut hole in about 4 months any ideals?

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Since you are on disability and have so little income, you should qualify for Medicaid. Please look into that. Meanwhile, most states have an insurance pool for people who can't get insurance. This may or may not be less expensive than what you are on. Please call your disability representative and ask what to do. Good luck. You definitely need assistance.
My Dad passed in Feb. 2012 and my Mother has been drawing her social security from him, so now they have taken away her medicaid because she makes a 102.00 over the limit. I should be happy more money, wrong it is going to cost much, much more to get the help I was receiving. The cargiving was 30 hours a week, meds paid for, and the other items that were taken away. I take care of my Mother and my Father in law and he didn't qualify for anything either. It is nice to have a little help and relief from worry. Now it is all gone. Neither one has anything except their SS and bills.I was to the point that I was considering a long term facility for Mom but now she does not qualify without it costing a fortune. I am still raising teenagers and don't have extra for this, any ADVISE? Both have dementia and need 24hr. care. Thanks
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My husbands Dr. sometimes has cards that are good for discounted prescriptions on certain drugs. You should talk to your Dr., my husband is on Lipitor, and asked to be put on something else because of the cost, that is when the Dr. gave him the card. Worth a try. Also, sometimes the drug reps give the Drs. samples, if your Dr. has some of these, maybe could get you trough.
You should Qualify for Medicaid, you just have to keep calling. They have some great plans for your income level.

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