My mom keeps falling, usually when I'm at the store. Does any caregiver have any recommendations for a good medical alert system?

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There are a couple of different medical alert systems under the AgingCare products section. Try this one:

Medical Alert Systems are the best way to make sure parents are independent and safe when you can't be there, and the costs are relatively inexpensive.
We got Phillps Lifeline for my husband and it was great they call once a month to check it and it is a necklace so it is easy to wear and my son tested it outside and it could be used around the outside of our house except one spot and the botten is a little indented so if you lean against something it does not go off like some do and you will not have the police at your door when you do not need them there is a charge I think it is $39.00 a month taken out of your credit card if you want or maybe they will send you a bill-I am keeping it since I am alone now it makes my son glad that I have it in case I have a problem.
I have had the following experience with my clients who required this kind of support:
1. Mom or dad continually forget to wear the pendant and often leave it hanging on the bedpost when they get up in the morning.
2. Mom is afraid to press the button because she doesn't want to cause a fuss or have the neighbors see an ambulance in front of the house
3. Since dialing 911 on the phone is FREE, dad does not think there should be a monthly charge for medical alert services. And he does not want anyone tapping into his banking account
4. Mom is a little hard of hearing (won't wear a hearing aid) even with the phone to her ear so she cannot hear the person who responds to the medical alert (ergo she is afraid to use it even when she needs help)
5. No one that mom or dad know in their peer group admits to having one of these devices so they do not want to be the first.

You get the picture...if your mother is ready to accept a medical alert device and use it properly, then you should do some research.there are a lot of good choices available and the cost is reasonable for the services provided. I would also check into the Insurance Coverage for accidents that occur in the home. Some offer Personal Injury Protection similar to Auto Insurance and cover medical expenses that are not covered by Major Medical or Medicare (e.g. Ambulance, EMT service, in-home rehab devices).
Thanks for the info. I have boiled it down to 2 systems: Lifeline and Rescue Alert. Both are close in comparison, but the Rescue Alert has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and seems to have a cheaper start up cost.

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