What are my legal rights, as my brother's guardian, to move him to a nursing home closer to me?

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If you are a court appointed guardian, you have the right to move your brother to a nursing home to be closer to you. Two points to consider: does your brother want to move? And if you do move your brother into another state, the courts must be notified. SK
I agree. I would think you could move him. I don't know your situation, but I assume someone must live near where he is currently? I would do the courteous consults with those people and explain to them your reasons, and hope for their blessings. If it is a wife or something I would think long and hard before moving him away from them...

I also wonder if he has any say in where he lives? Does he have a preference?

Legally, you probably could move him if you choose. Morally, there are lots of things to consider... I am saying this having NO idea of what the situation is.... just sayin! :)
Ditto Darcy123 and sak9. Great answers.
Some people mistake a POA with Guardianship. That is, a guardian authority is a court appointed person with decision power of the person, finance and etc, depending on what the scope of the court appointment is. As others have stated previously, consideration of the wards wishes should be a concern however I have personally found that wards are flexible and adjust very well over a period of time. Love, patients and involvement counts for a lot.
Of course every situation and maybe state is different . Mine, I live in Oklahoma ,my Mother has Alz. and declared incompetent by he courts and now I'm her legal gaurdian. This has meant for me that I by law now make all my mothers decisions - health and finacial. I was legally able to sell her home because she could no longer live there and move her into a nursing home . My mother lived in the suburbs of Okc. and the NH is about 20 mls from where she use to live, she is closer to me now which enables me to check on her .As for my Mother, she dosen't have a clue nor would she understand if I tried to explain. For those who feel guilty for putting a person in a NH, my Mother and I never had close relationship - long story and really may not make any difference at this point and time. Like a kid she does better with instructions and directions from someone other than myself . She has a great relationship with the staff. The socialization with other residents helps her tremendously. Along with having a rountine and activities of which I wouldn't have been able to provide. Making decisions for other isn't easy . As much as we want to please and make someone happy ,we really have to consider their health and welfare because they can't - the reason for becoming their gaurdian. Hope all goes well for you and your brother whatever decision you make. If you do have legal gaurdianship then I'm guessing you had an attorney and it may good to consult with him.
Not much to add. I am my DD sister's guardian. I had to move her from our parents' home to a group home. I had to notify the court of the move. I'm sure she would have preferred to stay at home, but she didn't understand that she needed more help than she could get there. I hope eventually to get her closer to my home so that it is more convenient to visit her.

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